• Deerslayer OCR 5K

    • Location: Johnson City, TN
    • Venue: Winged Deer Park
    • Time: 8:00 - 2:00

    Do you want to Challenge yourself come test you’re Endurance, Strength, Agility, Balance and Speed on a Full Blown 5K Obstacle Course. A unique 3.1 mile course across mixed terrain of paved and unpaved trails, and this is Not a flat course. With 18 to 20 obstacles you will be challenged with the Bucket Carry, Monkey Bars, Balance Beams, multi height Walls including a 10ft ladder wall and a great water slide.

    It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced Obstacle Course Racer or a First Timer you will be challenged. There are two Race Groupings, the competitive racer who will be racing for cash prizes and the Just For fun first timers who will have an opportunity to see what a real Obstacle Course is like without having to complete every Obstacle in fact this group can even work in teams and help each other through the course.

    All racers will receive a T shirt and goody bag and those finishing the course will also get finish medals.

    You’ve done 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons and mud runs well come finish your athletic resume with a 5k Obstacle Course Race.



    Event details and schedule



    Race participants MUST be 18 years or older to participate in this race. Proof of age will be required at package pickup and at Sign in on Race Day. Race participants are responsible for bringing Photo ID proof of age to package pickup and at Race Day Sign In. Failure to provide adequate ID may result in the individual not being allowed to participate in the race. There will be no refund of fees.


    Overall – Competitive athletes must complete all obstacles as specified in the Rules in order to be eligible for cash prizes, which are awarded to the Top 3 Male and Top 3 Female athletes in the Competitive heat. For Fun athletes are not required to complete obstacles and are not eligible for cash prizes.


    Rule Changes – For safety or logistical reasons, Race management may change/alter the rules for an obstacle at any time. If a race official or obstacle attendee instructs you to do something that is contrary to the written rules of an obstacle, follow their verbal instructions. Should you disregard verbal instructions from race officials or obstacle attendees, you will be reported to Race management who will then rule on the matter.


    Attempts – All competitive athletes must make at least one attempt to complete each obstacle. Obstacles may be attempted two times. For competitive racers a penalty of 30 jumping jacks will be assessed for failure to complete an obstacle. If you are unable to complete an obstacle on your first attempt, you must make your way to the far right lane or obstacle area to make additional attempts. This is to avoid impeding athletes behind you who are attempting an obstacle for the first time.


    Note: All obstacles MUST be completed in the manner in which they are designed to be completed. Using alternative methods to complete an obstacle will result in either a required additional attempt using the correct method to complete the obstacle OR completion of the required penalty. (For example, you MAY NOT use the support braces on Walls to help yourself climb over.) This goes for any obstacle. If you are unsure how to complete an obstacle, ask the volunteer or staff member at that obstacle.


    If an athlete can’t complete an obstacle or the required penalty and decides to move on to the next obstacle, they must immediately the nearest race official or obstacle attendee. If for some reason there is no race official or obstacle attendee present, you must notify race management at the finish. If you do not notify race officials of non-completed obstacle and penalty you will be reported to Race management and disqualified from eligibility for cash prizes/awards.


    Obstacle Non-Completion – Even if you can’t complete an obstacle and the penalty, you can still finish the race and receive your finish time. However, you will no longer be eligible to receive cash prizes/awards.


    Assistance – Competitive Racers no physical assistance is allowed at any time during the race. Do not help another athlete with any obstacles. If assistance is provided or received, this will result in obstacle non-completion. For Fun racers may work with other non-competitive racers or work in teams of 4 to 5 and assist each other with obstacles.


    Bib/Bib Number – Competitive athletes MUST display either their bib or bib number prominently on their person at all times during the race. If you don’t like to wear a bib, write your bib number where it can easily be seen by Race staff out on the course: arm, head, back, etc.


    Course – Athletes must follow ALL course markings. If you become lost, please return to the last known “on course” location. If you cannot find your way back, find a member of the Race team and they will assist you. Race Management will have decision-making authority if any issues arise with completing the course as intended.


    Female and Senior (age 65 and older) Competitive Athletes. – Some select obstacles will have specific completion rules for Female and Senior level athletes. This includes lighter weight buckets for bucket carry, lower height requirement for rope climb, kicker boards on some walls,

    Lighter weight weights for Hercules pull. These should be clearly marked but if there is a question you should ask the Obstacle Monitors for clarification. Females and Seniors do have the option of completion of the Regular Obstacles if they so choose.


    Obstacles – If you do not understand how to complete an obstacle, please ask a race official or obstacle attendee and then follow instructions as specified.


    Fair Play – You may not intentionally impede the progression of another competitor. This behavior may result in obstacle non-completion.


    Checking Your Results – Competitive results will be broken down into two categories: one for those who successfully completed all obstacles and/or penalties, and the other for those who did not successfully complete all obstacles. For Fun racers should use the timing clocks at the start and finish lines to determine their times.


    Category 1 (eligible for cash prizes/awards)

    1 – Male – 100% Obstacle Completion
    1 – Female – 100% Obstacle Completion


    Category 2 (not eligible for cash prizes/awards)

    2 – Male – Non-Completed Obstacle(s)
    2 – Female – Non-Completed Obstacle(s)


    Category 3 (not eligible for cash prizes/awards.)

    Male –For Fun Non Competitive

    Female – For Fun Non Competitive


    Clothing & Footwear – You may wear gloves, compression gear, padding, knee/joint braces, tape, etc. No spikes or cleats allowed.

    Gear – You may not carry any gear that is used to provide physical assistance with an obstacle. All gear, such as nutrition, clothing, etc., must go through, under, and over all obstacles with you.
    START LINE -The best place to start is well from the start. Obstacle Course Racing does not have this seeding system however it does have a competitive heat in some of the race series.

    –                 If it is your first ever Obstacle Course Race please consider not signing up for the competitive heat, as with everything in life there are always exceptions but for the majority of people start in an open heat to test out the sport then move into the competitive heats (if available).

    –                 With the explosive growth of the sport many of the top racers are finding themselves shut out of elite heats, for the sake of the sport you want the top athletes all racing each other on race day.

    –                 Passing – Many OCR races find racers running on single-track trails and narrow pathways. As you are running down the trail or hear someone coming up from behind you, take the millisecond glance around and if they are looking for the pass if so give it to them. Conversely, if you are barreling down the trail and find yourself needing to pass a racer, kindly ask for the pass with a “on the left” or “on the right” or sometimes all that you can muster is “behind”. As you pass always remember to say thank you, even in your most out of breath state, the small gesture speaks oceans about you as a racer.

    –                 In addition, this one is more for the guys. Let’s face it right now in OCR the guys have faster finishing times then the women do. It’s a fact, how many in a race varies but normally the fastest woman still has about a dozen or so men in front of her. So many times the top three female racers may actually have twenty or thirty men in front of them. So in the competitive heat especially when a woman asks to pass a guy, please guys let her pass. She just might be racing for the podium and a quick pass could make the difference between 2nd and 5th in a close race. This is simply about letting each runner run her best race possible.


    1. 1.    WALLS,  6’ , 7’ , 8’ , + Racer Instructions:

    –  Climb up and over the wall without touching the support structure.

    –  Only women and seniors over 65 can use the “kickers”

    –  Competitive racers are not allowed to help each other.

    Failure Modes:

    –  Anyone unable to climb over the wall

    –  Anyone using the support structure.

    –  Men using the “kickers”.

    –  Competitive racers that help each other.

    –  Competitive athletes may re-try this obstacle until they complete it properly, or concede failure.

    Penalty : 30 Jumping Jacks


    2.    MONKEY BARS

    Racer Instructions

    –  Swing from bar to bar using ONLY your hands.  Feet cannot touch the ground  or the rungs.  Racers are not allowed on top of the obstacle.  Competitive racers are not  allowed to help one another.

    Failure Modes:

    –  Feet touching the ground.  Feet touching bars above head.

    Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks


    3.    ROPE CLIMB

    Racer Instructions

    –  Climb the rope and ring the bell

    –  Female and Seniors only required to climb to RED marker

    Failure Modes:

    -Failure to ring bell

    Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks


    4.    SPEAR THROW

    Racer Instructions:

    –  One attempt to throw the spear and have it stick into the spearman (wood or hay).  – The spear can not be touching the ground.

    Failure Modes:

    Spear does not stick into the spearman or it is touching the ground.

    Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks



    Racer Instructions:

    –  Do not carry the bucket on or above your shoulders (e.g. neck or head). This can cause a serious injury and is not permitted.  The entire prescribed route must be followed.

    –  Female and Seniors required to carry RED marked buckets.

    –  Failure Modes:

    Not returning the bucket to the specified line.

    – Carrying the bucket on shoulders, neck, or head

    Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks



    Racer Instructions:

    –  Crawl under the barbed wire. (Rolling IS allowed).

    –  Packs / bottles must go through the barbed wire obstacle.

    –  No diving.

    Failure Modes:

    –  Disqualification if they skip the obstacle, or do not carry their personal belongings through the obstacle.

    –  Going over wire or cord that was designed to go under, unless obstacle has been damaged in a way to make it impractical to navigate otherwise.

    Penalty for Failure:

    –  Disqualification for not completing the obstacle.


    Racer Instructions:

    –  Pull the rope to raise the weight until the knot or weight reaches the top. Lower the weight slowly and under control, without releasing the rope, until weight reaches the ground. (no dropping the weight).

    –  ONLY Female and Seniors can use RED marked ropes

    Failure Modes:

    –  Unable to fully raise the weight.

    Dropping the weight (rope slips through, or leaves the Athletes hands AND hits  the ground hard).

    –            Males using RED marked ropes.

     Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks


    1. 8.    Tunnel

    Racer Instructions:-Proceed all the way through the tunnel

    Failure Modes: Turning around and /or going over the tunnel

    Penalty: Disqualification   

    9.    TIRE FLIP

    Racer Instructions:

    –  Flip the tire the prescribed number of times.

    Failure Modes:

    Unable to flip the tire the required number of times.

    Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks



    Racer Instructions:

    –  Navigate the wall using only the handholds and ring the bell.  Racers are not allowed to touch the top of the wall or the ground.  As in all obstacles, Elite racers are not allowed to help each other. Athletes are allowed to use the structure and top to position themselves on the beginning of the obstacle. the first hand block and the first foot block must be used when starting the traverse.

    Failure Modes:

    –  Touching the ground.

    –  Touching the top of the wall after start.

    –  Not ringing the bell.

    Using any any mechanical (rigging) assistance to complete the obstacle.

    Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks



    Racer Instructions:

    –  Run through the field of tires alternating steps.

    –  Feet must touch ground in center of each tire.. Athlete may not run on top of tire, tire must be touching the ground at all times.

    –  As in all obstacles, racers can not help each other.

    Failure Modes:

    –  Unable to complete task.

    –  Running on top of the tires.

    –  Not alternating steps trying to vault over multiple tires.

    Penalty for Failure:

    –  30 Jumping Jacks



    Racer Instructions:

    –  Navigate OVER the first wall, UNDER the second wall, and THROUGH the last set of walls.

    –  Failure Modes:

    –  Unable to navigate the walls.

    –            Penalty for Failure:

    –            30 Jumping Jacks


    13.HAY OVER

    Racer Instructions:

    –  Climb up on to hay bales.

    –  Cross over the length of all the hay bales.

    Failure Modes:

    –  Not willing or able to cross the entire length of the bales

    –  Falling off the bales.

    Penalty for Failure:

    –  30 Jumping Jacks.


    Racer Instructions:

    –  Feet first only.  Can not go head first.

    Failure Modes:

    –  Unable to complete the obstacle.

    Going head first.

     Penalty for Failure:

    –  Disqualification for not completing the obstacle.


    15.Low Hay Bales

    Racer Instructions:

    –  Alternate going over each “hurdle”.

    Failure Modes:

    –  Not going over/ the walls.

    Penalty for Failure:

    Disqualification for not completing the obstacle



    Racer Instructions:

    –  Navigate across the beam(s) without touching the ground.

    Failure Modes:

    –  Touching the ground before reaching the end of the beam.

    Penalty for Failure:

    –  Disqualification for not completing the obstacle.


    17.BIG Ladder CLIMB

    Racer Instructions:

    –  Climb up and over the wall.

    Failure Modes:

    Not willing or able to climb over the obstacle.

    Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks



    Racer Instructions:

    –  Run across the trench

    Failure Modes:

    Not willing or able to cross the water trench.

    Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks


    Racer Instructions:

    –  Run over each of the low hurdles

    Failure Modes:

    Not willing or able to jump over the hurdle

    Knocking over Hurdles

    Penalty: 30 Jumping Jacks